Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Two Boys in a Tunnel

I love when Alex asks, “Spencer, you want to play with me?” How sweet is that? Alex has become quite an amazing big brother and has been surprisingly willing to share his toys with Spencer. We brought our tunnel from Aunt Beth and Uncle Eric downstairs the other day, and the boys ended up having a blast playing with each other! Alex was so excited for Spencer to follow him in. He kept telling me, “Here are two boys in a tunnel.”

Spencer’s first venture into the tunnel. You can see Alex telling him to “come on”.


Tim and I took Alex to the Circus the first weekend of February. We thought it would be nice to spend some time alone with Alex (and didn’t think my parents would mind some time alone with Spencer). Alex was amazed! He did get a little antsy during some of the acrobatic acts, but overall, he did great! His favorite parts were the big dump truck (it was construction themed), the cannon, and the elephants.

We had pretty good seats!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spencer is 7 months!

My baby boy is growing up too quickly! Over the past month, Spencer has learned how to army crawl across the room, can sit for several minutes on his own, has his first two teeth, and has become quite a talker! He says, “hi, ba, da, blah” and makes a bunch of other cute baby noises. He is a very happy boy, unless he is hungry or tired, and is still obsessed with Alex. Oh, and he has gotten very good at putting himself to sleep! He still only really naps once a day, but I put him down awake, and he sleeps for 3 hours. Hooray! That makes nap time in the this house a bit easier. Enjoy the pictures:

Spencer loves posing for my camera.
Bath time is quite a messy affair!
This boy tries pulling up on everything! We actually need to lower his crib mattress this week …
It is hard work getting a non-blurry photo of a 7-month-old’s teeth!
Spencer loves helping me in the kitchen!
Alex 7.5 months
Alex, 7.5 months
Spencer, 7 months

Snow Days 2014

We’ve had some crazy weather lately! The snow at the end of January wasn’t too unexpected, but the 9 inches of snow we got yesterday and today was crazy! Can you believe Alex was sick both times it snowed? Ugh! At least he was well enough to get out in the snow for a few minutes both times.

Here are some pictures:

It was SO COLD when it snowed at the end of January! We only stayed out for 10 minutes, and didn’t bring Spencer out with us.
The snow was very powdery. Alex was so disappointed that we could make a snowman.
I took all the boys along on my “stock up” trip last Sunday … and Spencer took his first ride in the racecar!
This snowstorm put down much better snow! Here, Alex is “stuck in a hole”.
All bundled up against the cold! I’m just glad it was warmer this time around!
Kovu loved the snow! He was running around and eating it!

Alex had a hard time walking around in his boots and really just wanted to dig in the snow.
When he woke from his nap, Alex found us building a snowman!