Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lego KidsFest

Last weekend, we took the boys to the Lego KidsFest at the Charlotte Convention Center. The Lego KidsFest is the only traveling show sanctioned by Lego and goes to fewer than 10 cities a year. We were lucky they came to Charlotte! We were also lucky we purchased our tickets in January, because each show was sold out by the beginning of February!

As soon as we walked inside, Alex ran to Scooby-Doo for a picture!
Spencer was very impressed by Lightning McQueen’s wheels.
Groot and Rocket Raccoon were amazing!
Spider Man!
Hulk Smash!
One of our favorite stops – creating a ninja and “fighting” in the box.
We also enjoyed building racecars and racing them on a ramp.
We had a blast with the Duplo Legos too! Spencer loved the conveyor belt.
In each of the 5 sessions, visitors created structures to place on a map of the US.
Spencer built a structure, too!
The finished product after all the shows!

Valentine’s Day 2015

Alex had to make his own Valentine’s Box for school this year. We had a bunch of fun creating a Monster Valentine!


I love my card Alex made in school. He worked so hard on it!


Best Buddies

Alex and Spencer have always enjoyed each others’ company. Lately though, they are the best of friends. They are so cute together! Spencer tells me every morning, “I don’t want A-ex go to school. Want A-ex stay home with me. Stay play with me.” It’s just too precious! Alex says Spencer is his “best buddy” and his “favorite brother.” Between the cold and the rain, we’ve been a bit bored in our house … I guess that’s a good thing because the boys are playing together all the time now. They play hide-and-seek, chase, drive cars around, sit in their tent together, build legos with each other, cuddle with a blanket … the list just goes on and on. We are just so happy to see them so close!

They love squeezing into the one-seater racecar.
Crazy pillow talk.
Lazy Friday morning crazy hair and Jurassic Park.
Alex loves teaching Spencer how to play the XBox.