Friday, February 24, 2012

My Mischievous Monkey

Things have been very busy here - I am packing most of our landlord's things up so we can bring more of our belongings out of storage. We agreed to go ahead and extend our lease by another year if they would pick up whatever I pack. Alex has been a great helper and has provided comic relief while I scurry around sorting their things from ours.

Here are some fun pictures from the past 2 weeks.


Playing with his car instead of posing for a photo.


He was hiding in here when I walked out of the bathroom!


Conquering pillow mountain.


Alex helping me pack.


We seriously need a hill and some snow!


Floating balls in Kovu’s water dish.

Just Me & My Dad

I think Alex is beginning to enter the "Daddy Worship" stage. I don't know how he does it and stays sane, but between work and 3 classes, Tim is still an amazing father! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!


Playing with the bubbles.


“No Daddy, I said that one!”


Just hanging out on the couch.


Rainy Sunday Pillow Fort Day!


Alex and Kovu watching Daddy.


Check out his step.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Library Card & First Valentine’s Day Party

Wednesday was a very busy day for us. First, we went to story-time at the library, which is 20 minutes of read alouds and play at our local library. We've gone several times, but we haven't been able to check anything out because I didn't have my NC license yet. Now that I have it, I decided it was time to get a library card for us. Alex was very excited to visit the children's portion of the library and really wanted to pull every single book off every shelf. Luckily, I was able to convince him to just pick a few "Spot" books. I was so excited to bring these books home and read them with Alex - especially since I still remember checking them out as a kid and reading them to my sister.

IMG_3971 IMG_3969

Later in the day, we attended Alex's first Valentine's Day party! He even brought Valentines and decorated a bag for his own Valentines. Isn't that crazy? He had tons of fun watching the older kids in the MOMS Club running around and popping balloons. He was especially excited when the big girls would bring him a balloon to play with. *SIGH* He's getting so old and so big!!


Gnawing on a Ritz Cracker.


Watching the big kids pop balloons.




Alex’s Valentine Bag

Helping With the Chores

Alex has become quite a helper. For months, he loved to pull up on the dryer door while I was moving clothes from the washer into the dryer. Now, he loves to pull the dry clothes into the laundry basket. Of course, to reach the clothes, I have to pull them onto the door, but he loves pulling them down into the basket. He also has gotten very good at closing the door. We are currently working on him not closing the door until I'm ready, instead of when I have a handful of wet clothes, but I think that's going to take a bit more work.

Alex also enjoys rearranging things. He definitely gets that from his Mommy and Daddy, considering we just rearranged the living room for the 3rd or 4th time since we moved here in July! You've already seen pictures of Alex rearranging my tupperware - now his new love is rearranging my shoes. The funny thing is, he'll keep them neat for the first minute or so, then they just end up in a big pile (as you'll see in the picture).

I turned around a few days ago and was very surprised to see Alex "watering" my plants in the bedroom. Tim and I always bring a cup of water with us to bed. Whatever water is left in the morning, I poor into our plants once or twice a week. I guess Alex has seen me do that a number of times, and now that he can reach the top of my nightstand, he decided to help out. Thank goodness the cup was empty!

IMG_3956 IMG_3957