Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Freedom Park

We met our friend, Liam, at the Charlotte Nature Museum a few days ago. All three boys had tons of fun! After running around the museum, we took them to the new playground at Freedom Park. Along with a new playground, there is also a child-sized Panthers Football practice field. What a fun day! To top it off, the nice guy in the drive-thru window at Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins gave us free donuts with our milkshake purchase. Yum!

Freedom Park (39)
I think Spencer thought the stuffed animals in the indoor playground/water cycle exhibit were real. He kept trying to talk to this one.
Freedom Park (38)
This outdoor xylophone was quite a hit!
Freedom Park (35)
While Spencer serenaded us, Alex and Liam took a break on a dragonfly.
Freedom Park (32)  Freedom Park (30)
Buggy Alex!
Freedom Park (29)
Spencer, practicing his footwork.
Freedom Park (25)
Alex and Liam racing across the field.
Freedom Park (22)
Spencer and his bananas!
Freedom Park (16)
I’m not sure my “superstars” understood the point of this photo booth!
Freedom Park (5)
Last minute stop in the old train before heading home.

Dilworth Chili Cook-Off

Tim’s co-worker is the singer in a really good cover band. When we found out they would be performing at the Dilworth Chili Cook-Off, we knew we had to go! Good music, local beer, and all the chili you can taste? Of course! It was a chilly, but sunny day … perfect for chili! Luckily, it was a small event, so the kiddos were able to participate in a lot of the kid activities without waiting in long lines. The same was true for the chili and beer lines!

Dilworth Chili Cook-off (43)
Alex learned a little about lacrosse.
Dilworth Chili Cook-off (44)
Then he learned about the inside of a fire truck.
Dilworth Chili Cook-off (27)
Alex and Spencer were impressed and confused by Homer the Dragon, the Charlotte Baseball mascot.
Dilworth Chili Cook-off (48)
The band – Ollie Take Cover – was great! Our friend is Mike, the singer.
Dilworth Chili Cook-off (56)
Alex and Spencer loved visiting with the Great Danes!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Preschool Halloween Party 2014

Alex’s school had a small Halloween party last week. The kids paraded around in their costumes, listened to a “spooky” story, sang a song, and ate snacks on the playground. It was fun to be at school with Alex!

Alex Halloween party (10)
Listening to the spooky story
Alex Halloween party (9)
Spencer spent the whole party trying to run people over on this 4-wheeler
Alex Halloween party (4)
Alex and Ethan taking a drink break before fighting more fires on the playground.

Halloween 2014

Want to read my very first blog post? It was Alex’s 1st Halloween … I’ve come a long way (this is post #373)! Thanks to all of you who read this blog! It helps motivate me when I know people are waiting for more pictures and details about my precious boys!

If you want to check out our other Halloween posts, here you go: Halloween 2012, Halloween 2013.

We had lots of fun this Halloween! Tim hung some Halloween lights on the PowerWheel, tucked a few beers in a cooler and attached hooks for the candy. Alex was so excited to drive him and Spencer around for Trick-or-Treating! The only disappointment for the night was that Ethan (friend from school) wasn’t trick-or-treating with him.

Now, what you’ve been waiting for …

Halloween 2014 (23)
Spencer is wearing Alex’s 1st costume and Alex is a fireman!
Halloween 2014 (19)
What a fun way to Trick-or-Treat!
Halloween 2014 (16)
The boys had so much fun!
Halloween 2014 (13)
Big smiles with Daddy on the way home.
Halloween 2014 (35)
Both boys loved their costumes.
Halloween 2014 (40)
Spencer’s Halloween pajamas
Halloween 2014 (49)
Alex drew all the faces on our Jack-O-Lanterns and Tim carved them out. We love them!
pumpkin patch cropped
Alex’s 1st Halloween, 2011 (almost 11 months)
Halloween 2014 (35)
Spencer’s 2nd Halloween, 2014 (almost 16 months)