Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

Last October, Alex’s preschool class went on a field trip to Patterson Farm’s Pumpkin Patch. You can reminisce here. We had so much fun last year, so I really wanted to take the boys back this year. Even though last Thursday’s high was 80 degrees, we went back to Patterson Farm. Since it was a Thursday afternoon, we had the patch mainly to ourselves. It was a blast!

They were excited for the hay ride to the pumpkin patch.
Alex took this picture!
My cuties and their huge pumpkin.
Making corn angels in the corn pit.
They are pretending they are stuck in the spider’s web.
Alex had a blast (again) on the huge slide.

Deja Vu

While Spencer and I were exploring Davidson a few weeks ago, I remembered a small pocket park I took Alex to while I was pregnant with Spencer. We found it and played for a few minutes. I kept wondering if I had pictures of Alex … and I do! Check this out:

Alex - May 2013
Spencer - October 2015

Special Times with Spencer

When Alex was 2, we were always busy with play dates and adventures. I will always treasure our special Alex & Mommy days. Now, it’s Spencer’s turn! We’ve been having a bunch of fun exploring parks, going to Kindermusik, or playing around the house while Alex is in school.

Riding the roller coaster backwards at the park.
Double-fisting it around the house.

Spencer loved the aquarium! He kept calling the sting rays “butterflies”.
After some trial and error, we’ve found a great Kindermusik teacher.
Spencer was a very careful muffin baker. I was impressed!
Thankfully, he’s a very willing shopping partner, too!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy (Not) Birthday to Daddy!

Two weeks ago, Alex wanted to buy a Lego set for Daddy. He decided it would be for his birthday. After I explained that his birthday was a long way away, Alex fought with me and insisted it was his birthday. I knew he missed him because it had been a long week of work with Tim having to work late several days in a row. So, we ended up throwing a birthday party! Alex asked to decorate and asked for party food. We blew up balloons, hung a few streamers, made a poster, baked an apple pie, and chilled champagne. Tim was VERY surprised when he got home that Friday! It was all I could do to keep the party secret over the two days Alex planned it out. When is my party??


Monday, October 5, 2015

Rain Jackets

The boys and I went out in a light rain Friday afternoon for a little walk down the street. The boys were super excited to wear their boots and rain jackets and to eat a popsicle in the rain (even thought it was pretty chilly). I had to make them pose for a quick photo. It doesn’t get any cuter!!


Alex’s 4K Update

Alex is still having a blast in 4K! Ms. Sarah and Ms. Niki are wonderful and have already taught him so much! I think Alex most enjoys learning new games … Duck, Duck, Goose, Musical Chairs, and Red Light, Green Light are some of his favorites. He and his friends start impromptu games of Duck, Duck, Goose on the playground … I even played last week! Spencer and I went in to read books to the class last week. We both had a blast! Spencer had so much fun that he gets mad if I don’t get him out of the car when we get to school to get Alex. He thinks he should be playing on the playground too! Tomorrow, I start helping out during center time. Spencer will stay with our baby-sitter and I’ll spend 30 minutes at school on Tuesdays. I am so EXCITED!

Ms. Sarah and Ms. Niki try to take a lot of pictures during the school day. They share these pictures on their classroom blog at the end of the week. It has been wonderful! I love seeing Alex in action as a fly on the wall. Here are some of the pictures:

4k -  (11)
Another favorite activity - chasing Ryder (who always pushes the lawn mower).
4k -  (14)
I’m guessing this is an important boys only meeting?
4k -  (7)
Apple prints during “A” week. Alex had paint everywhere when I picked him up!
4k -  (18)
Alex and friends working on the light table.

4k -  (21)
Another “A” week activity … making an “A” into an apple.
4k -  (6)
Identifying numbers with his (gulp) “girl friend”. She runs fast like he does!
4k -  (20)
Practicing his name.
4k -  (9)
Alex won this musical “freeze” game. He was so proud!
4k -  (1)
Alex’s “B” week show and share … a Batman mask!