Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1st Hospital Trip

*This post was written last Tuesday, May 26th, but due to technical difficulties, it wasn’t posted until today.*

After today’s puppy party, we went with Ethan to a nearby park. While at the park, Alex somehow slipped and smacked the side of his head on some metal steps. He cried and cried, then felt okay and played some more. Tim and I debated taking him to the doctor, but he seemed okay. Then, on the way home, Alex started getting really nauseous. Once we were home, he seemed a bit better and ate some lunch. When he started to feel sick again, we decided I should take him to urgent care. Turns out urgent care will just tell you to go to the hospital, so I got Alex back in the car and went to the ER. Poor boy threw up on the way and was really sleepy. That was the only time I was really scared for him. The hospital staff was amazing and took us straight back to a room and started checking him out. After a ride on a stretcher and a CT scan, the doctor gave him a clean bill of health – no concussion – just take it easy for a day or two. When we left the hospital, Alex told me, “That doctor’s office was fun!” I just hope we don’t have to go back any time soon! We mostly laid on the couch the rest of the day and relaxed. I think he had a dull headache when he went to bed, but he seemed okay otherwise. We definitely started our summer off with a “bang”! *Update - he was fine all week! No more upset tummies and no bruising!

2 handsome boys on the playground
A mid-stretch picture of the goose egg.
Alex was pretty entertained. All the nurses were oohing and ahhing over him.
The technician told Alex he’d need to hold his head still and silly boy put his hand on his head to hold it still. He was so brave!

Puppy Party

*This post was written on May 26th, but due to technical difficulties, it couldn’t be posted until today.*

Today was Alex’s puppy party at his preschool. The kids sang a few songs, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, received a certificate, and then played on the playground. I did get a short video of their welcome song and Alex receiving his certificate. I also have some good pictures. Make sure you check out my post on the last day of school to see how Alex has changed from the 1st day of school to the last!

Click here to view this video.
Alex and his friends singing their welcome song.
It’s snack time!
Spencer loves playing on this bike.
Alex and Ethan … Best friends!
Alex and Miss Sharon, his assistant teacher this year.
IMG_0737.JPG (2)
Alex & Miss Barrie – 1st day of school
Alex & Miss Barrie – end of year party

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Charlotte Safety Patrol

You should always feel safe at our house!

Tim (22)
Tim (28)
Tim (32)

1 Down, 14 More To Go!

Alex’s last official day of preschool was Thursday. Where did this year go? It went by so quickly!! We go back to school on Tuesday for a quick show and party. Alex had a great year and has learned so much! Just some of the academic skills he’s mastered: counting 1-14, recognizes all upper-case letters and knows most of the sounds, writes his name … and so much more! Even his 2 days of preschool a week have matured him in amazing ways. He has developed some leadership qualities at school, tries to help his friends stay on track/out of trouble, loves to help/”do jobs”, spends much more time concentrating on crafts and projects, and asks so many complicated questions!! I can’t even imagine how much he’ll learn in 4K!

Alex will go to 3 summer camps this year. Two will be through his school … 1 week he’ll learn about the ocean and the next he’ll get to do some cooking. He’ll also do a mini farm camp with a friend on nearby Latta Plantation. I’m working on swim lessons for both boys, we have swim play dates already planned for the summer, and the moms in our play group are getting together soon to plan other fun play dates. So, we will definitely keep busy this summer!

IMG_0744.JPG (2)
1st day of 3K! Sept 2, 2014

Last day of 3K! May 21, 2015
My super cool dude!
First day of summer vacation starts with a picnic breakfast and cartoons.
Next, we set up the sprinkler and pool and enjoyed some water play (even though it was kind of chilly)
We played on the see-saw, too!

Stay tuned for pictures (and hopefully a video) from Alex’s party!

Monday, May 18, 2015

The End of the Box

*This is another flash back from April.*

We decided it was time for the big box to leave the playroom. The boys had tons of fun playing inside, coloring, applying stickers, performing puppet shows, and being all kinds of crazy, but it was time for it to go. It started as a submarine, then morphed into a rocket ship, a house, and a puppet stage. In the end, we couldn’t throw it all away, so I cut out some of our favorite graffiti to frame. I hope we can find another huge box next winter!

The front
The back
The inside
The Alex

The Little Gym Update

Spencer’s semester at The Little Gym is almost over! We have three more classes, one of which will be a “show”. I have no idea how Miss Brittney will put together a show with these little guys … it will definitely be interesting! Spencer has really grown in leaps and bounds in this class. We’ve even attended a few bigger/older classes as make-ups and I’m relieved to say he’s no longer scared. This class has been great to teach him that it’s okay to play across the room from Mommy and how to interact with other little kids. I’m so proud of his willingness to try new skills with Miss Brittney, especially since two months ago he would just tell her, “no!”


Monday, May 11, 2015

Trampoline Play Date

Tim took last Friday off, so Alex and I left them to play at the house and went back to Defy Gravity with some friends. While Spencer had fun at Defy Gravity last December, I thought Alex would like a play date without Spencer for once. (Spencer was happy as could be … he and Tim played outside with the water table all morning). Alex and I met Liam and Ethan and their mommies (my closest Mommy friends here in Charlotte). The boys jumped and had a blast, then ate a tons of chips at a Mexican restaurant for lunch. What a fun day!

Alex coaxing Ethan to jump with him.
Ethan was pretending to be stuck.
All 3 boys at the top of the Dodgeball wall.
Alex was sooo tired!

Mr. Mischief

These days, Spencer is a handful! The boy is so sweet and so funny and so smart … but it gets him into trouble! Problem is, and I think I’ve mentioned it before, he finds “time-outs” to be funny. He is next to impossible to punish! Good thing he’s so cute … enjoy these funny moments from the past few weeks!

Spencer loves his “duck” towel (yes, we realized it’s a chick) so much that he wears it like a costume.
Sharing the bed with Daddy (and leaving crumbs on my side of the bed)
Hiding under the Lego table because I mentioned it was nap time.
Pulling sheets off the lint roller.

Spencer seriously made me play this game for 10 minutes … and laughed every time!
The video will not show in the emails … you’ll need to click here.

Mother’s Day 2015

I had a great Mother’s Day! We enjoyed a lazy morning with chocolate muffins (thanks Mom!), bacon, and eggs. I also finally got to grind my new gourmet coffee beans Tim brought back from his work trip a few weeks ago … my Mother’s Day gift was a new bean grinder. The coffee was wonderful!! The boys and Tim gave me a card, then Alex remembered he had a gift and card for me from school (which I knew … I had to tell him to hide it in his dresser so I wouldn’t see it when I cleaned out his back pack). I was so proud of his hard work that I got all teary-eyed. Then Tim and I had to explain that silly Mommy cries, even when she’s really happy. Poor boy was so confused! I think what got me the most was that it’s the first time he’s written “Mom”.

After breakfast, we washed up and headed to a Lego expo. It was neat to see all the Lego creations … and we found out there’s a kid’s competition that involves building a car. There were very few entries, so we’ll have to remember to get Alex to enter next year!

I hope all my Moms and Grandmoms had a great day as well! We love you!

Front of my card from Alex
Inside of my card from Alex
Front of bookmark from Alex
Back of bookmark from Alex
The curly-heads together on Mother’s Day.
Mommy and her silly boys.


Mommy and Spencer on Mother’s Day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kid Senses Children’s Museum

This post is a month late! Oh well, at least I’m finally getting the pictures on here. So during Spring Break last month, the boys and I met Amanda and her two kids in Rutherfordton at Kid Senses Children’s Museum. We chose this museum because Cerys had previously gone on a 4K field trip there and told Amanda that Alex and the little boys would love it. She was so excited to show us around! It’s a small museum, but all the kids had a blast. I think Cerys and Alex really liked that it was small enough they could wander off by themselves and still be close by. We’ll have to go back at least once to explore the garden and outside area we missed this time.

Alex making huge bubbles.
Spencer kayaking in the toddler area.
Spencer and Ace playing with magnets (Happy Birthday, Ace!)
This kids’ only climbing structure was a hit! It took them between floors.
The only shot we got of all 4 kids!
Cerys pulling a bubble around Alex and me.