Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Here’s a little picture walk through our downstairs. The upstairs is coming together, but it’s definitely not ready for pictures! Hopefully that’ll come later this week or next week.

The most important room – the play room!

Alex cracking up at Daddy.

View from front window in the living room.

View from the couch – we are loving the gas fireplace!

View from the fireplace – looking towards the front door and stairs.

Eat-in kitchen and bay window facing the back yard and busy bird feeders!

The kitchen – minus millions of boxes thanks to wonderful helpers Beth and Katherine!

Breaking in the New Slide

Alex was in love with the new house as soon as we arrived – he didn’t even have to walk inside. All we had to do was show him the slide in the backyard and the dogs in both our neighbors’ yards and he was in heaven!

Kovu and I really love the yard, too! It’s nice and open, but totally fenced in. Here’s a quick video of Alex (and his dump truck) and Kovu exploring the yard.

U-Haul Fun

Now that we have been in our new house for over a week, I guess it’s time to get caught up with my blog posts! I won’t lie, I’m a little overwhelmed at the thought of it – especially when I think about how I haven’t even posted all our Christmas festivities! Hopefully I’ll get to that soon!

On the first morning of Moving Weekend, Alex was so excited to go with us to pick up the “big truck” that would be at his house for two days. His favorite thing about having the truck at his house was pushing his trucks (and a broom and his stroller) up the ramp and letting it roll back down. Oh the simple joys of being a toddler!

On the second morning of Moving Weekend, Alex was even more excited to learn that he was RIDING in the “big truck” to his new house. Oh how fun! He was so excited after seeing his car seat set up in the U-Haul that he found the open driver side door and had climbed up into the truck and his car seat before we could even get to the truck. He and Daddy had a blast – eating donuts, Doritos, and dancing with the radio the whole way. Mommy had a blast listening to a book and not talking about every truck we passed along the way.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Saying Our Good-Byes

Alex, Tim, and I have been very busy getting ready for our big move, but we have still made time for friends and fun! Alex and I have played with friends every morning for the past 2 weeks, which has been great for extra long naps! Plus, I’ve had plenty of time to chat with my friends. I even made it to a Moms Night Out for fondue with my mommy friends. We are so thankful for the friends we made while living in Wilmington, and can’t wait to show them around the Queen City when they come to visit. Today’s play date was especially hard since we had to say our good-byes, but this hormonal mama made it without falling apart too much. Alex just hugged on demand, said his cute “bye-bye”, and kept looking at me like I was crazy.

Tim has been busy too! His coworkers took him out for happy hour last night and planned a hot wing eating contest at Wild Wings for lunch today. His entire group showed up to cheer him on! The crazy guys even had the chef send out his special, only available on request, super hot wings to try. Thankfully, Tim had already had enough and didn’t try the ghostly hot wings!

So we pack the truck tomorrow and drive to Charlotte Sunday. Wish us luck! I’ll post again next week once life slows down and we have internet at the house.

Since I can’t make a post without at least one picture of Alex … here he is playing with Lydia the other day. It figures I couldn’t get them to both look at me at the same time!

IMG_6669 IMG_6671

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bye-Bye Sandbox

Since the owners of our house are not interested in a sandbox, we had to move all the sand to the woods by our house. What a sad day! At least Alex was able to get a lot of exercise …


Just kidding! We didn’t make the poor kid move the sand – he would have been heartbroken! Tim moved all the sand (darn, pregnant me couldn’t help this time) while Alex was napping Saturday. We halfway expected a fit when he came downstairs on Sunday, but he was so excited to see the screens down and all of Tim’s tools out, he didn’t seem to mind. I can’t wait to see the fabulous sand box he ends up with at our new house!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Driving Around Home Depot

Alex had so much fun in the Home Depot car today while running errands:

Watch out! He’s driving with both steering wheels!

A little concerned when Daddy walked out of his line of sight.

Daddy’s back!

Too Cute Not To Share

Here are some cute pictures of Alex from the past week. While loading them to my computer, I decided they were just too cute not to share!

Daddy was inside the tunnel, so Alex decided he needed to be inside, too!

What’s the point of a chair when you have a dump truck for sitting?

Lukas, Alex, and Ellie taking a break from gymnastics. They were talking up a storm!

This was 30 seconds after putting him down and tucking him in. He loves his pillow & blankets!

Friday, January 11, 2013

A New House for a New Year

We are moving January 20th! That’s barely a week away! Alex and I have been busy, busy playing in the mornings and cleaning/packing in the afternoons. So, don’t plan on too many posts over the next few weeks! Luckily, Tim does get a week in between jobs, so once we are moved in, we’ll be able to unpack and do a little painting. We are very excited about this new house:

front of house back of house

As you can see, it’s much larger than our current house and has a fantasticly huge, fenced in back yard! Alex and Kovu are going to love it! It’s on a cul-de-sac in a relatively small neighborhood, so we should be able to enjoy quiet living, just as we do now. If only the beach were still 5 minutes away …

Speaking of the beach, I can’t believe that our last weekend living at the beach will be a 70 degree weekend! I think we’ll have to work in some beach time!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hide & Seek

For the past week, Alex has tried to “hide” from us when we announce nap or bed time. His hiding places are always very creative. Check this one out:


Yes, he is also hiding underneath a train car! I cracked up when he pulled the box of tracks closer to him and laid down, so I had to grab my camera and snap a picture. By the time I finished taking pictures, he was ready to follow me to his room for a no fuss nap time. What a good boy!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Moving On Up

We have been sitting on some more BIG news for a few weeks, and it’s been killing us! Now, you may ask what is bigger than having another baby? How about moving again? We are moving to Charlotte for Tim’s dream job – he is taking over as the senior software engineer for Rubbermaid’s medical division! All he has to do all day is think, write code, test code, and think some more … and he gets to wear jeans while he’s at it! This is an amazing move for his career and I couldn’t be prouder! Another plus is that we’ll be 2 hours from our Spartanburg and Columbia families and friends, rather than the 4-5 hours to Wilmington. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention we’ll be living in the same city as my BFF Katherine! It’s been 6 years since I’ve lived in the same city as one of my BFFs!!

The hardest part about the move is that Alex and I have made some really great friends in Wilmington. Luckily, he is truly a social butterfly, making it easy to find new friends. Plus, there are tons of moms clubs and places to go to meet other families. If only I could bring the beach along with us …

Packing with a 2-year-old around is a bit challenging, but at least Alex knows how to make anything & everything fun, especially if he can involve his trucks! He found this little hole in our boxes and claimed it as his own. Notice how Daddy took Alex’s box idea and just ran with it!

Alex loves his new fort!

Standing on a box of books and driving (and dropping) his trucks everywhere!

My, how this fort has grown!

Daddy reaching through the top to feed our little monkey a snack.

A Walk in the Park

Alex had a lot of energy while running errands this morning, so we made an unexpected trip to one of Wilmington’s many parks. I love how they are spread all over the city, making it so easy to burn off a toddler’s steam whenever necessary! We started by making friends on the playground, then took a walk to watch the dogs in the dog park, and continued on to the duck pond. Then we repeated the whole thing when Daddy came to meet us during his lunch break.

I love this one. He is telling the geese to “move” back to the water so he can watch them swim!

Alex is talking up a storm these days, and his words are becoming clearer everyday. In this video, you can hear him telling the ducks/geese to go back into the river (he calls all bodies of water, even his bath water, a river). Towards the end, I know he is telling me about the ducks in the water, but I’m not quite sure what else.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back in the Groove

After almost 2 weeks away from our friends, we finally got back out to play this morning at Fit For Fun. Alex’s friends Lydia and Lukas were there – and I got to talk to their mommies! It’ll be nice to be back in our play date groove!

Alex was totally obsessed with the motorcycles this time around, which is funny because the last time he even bothered with the motorcycles was last January. He mostly pushed them around, but I did manage to get a picture when he finally got on the motorcycle. I wanted to be able to compare it to last year’s motorcycle snapshot. It’s amazing how much he has changed in a year!

January 12, 2012

January 3, 2013

Now that we are unpacked from our trip and the 5 loads of laundry are put away, I should be able to go back in time over the next few days to post about our Christmas – so stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Big Things Happening in 2013!

Since we weren't able to send a holiday card/pregnancy announcement out to everyone, I wanted to share on our blog. We wish everyone a very happy new year! I know ours will be full of excitement! We have lots of big changes coming up this year … stay tuned for more adventures!

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