Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Blob

Since the snow was a bit too icy for making a snowman, Alex and I decided to build a snow blob. He and Spencer brought me scoops of snow and I piled it together like I was building a snow castle. They lost interest fairly quickly, so snow blog didn’t get too big. Good thing because snow blob ended up getting pretty crazy!

Our snow blob. Alex really liked him, so we read his favorite book, “What Do Snowmen Do At Night” at bedtime. We talked about what snow blob might do at night …
The next morning, snow blob was right outside the playroom window!
Two days later, snow blob moved to the back door! Alex said snow blob maybe wanted to eat Spencer. Haha
That evening, snow blob even surprised us in the living room!
The last time we saw him, he was about to take a long, hot bath.

Snow Much Fun

We had a blast playing in the snow the past few days! Actually, I guess we saw snow for over a week. Two weekends ago, we saw a few flurries. Then on Wednesday, we went outside and played in more flurries. Friday’s snow was super exciting … the first thing Alex did when he woke up was look out the window and then ran to tell us. We showed Spencer the snow and he immediately asked if we could play outside! Charlotte ended up with a lot of ice and had to cancel school on Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully, our preschool’s parking lot, along with the main roads, were thawed by Monday afternoon, so Alex still had school today. I know he was ready to be back!

Gathering snow on Wednesday to bring inside to eat.
Eating snow their first snow of 2016!
All Spencer wanted to do was rake the snow.
Alex showing his snowball. The snow was actually too icy to do much with.
By the time we checked out the front yard, the boys started throwing snow in between bites.
Snow for dinner … why not?
We also played legos in the snow…
And vacuumed the snow…
Even grilled in the snow!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Alex’s Handwriting is Looking Good!

Alex has been working really hard in school! It’s amazing what his teachers have accomplished in half a year!

“I have a T-Rex.”
The front of Alex’s birthday card that he made for Ethan.
On the inside of the card, Alex a story about how the party might go.

Back to the Nature Museum

The boys and I went down to the Nature Museum last Friday. We had a lot of fun getting out of the house and playing in one of my favorite spots. Alex and Spencer really enjoyed playing together … I think they might have missed each other while Alex was in school all week!

Spencer brought loads of firewood over for our “camp fire”.
My favorite selfie ever inside the teepee.
Spencer ran over to join in the fun.
Going on a snail ride!

Batman & Captain America

I have another super hero on my hands! Last week, Spencer asked to wear this shirt 3 days in a row!

Alex was a combination of Spider Man, Iron Man, and Captain America.

A Cold Trip to Lazy 5 Ranch

We were so happy to see sun after all the rain during the week after Christmas. Our yard was too muddy for playing, so we decided to visit the animals at Lazy 5 Ranch. This was the third visit for the boys, but only the first for Tim. So … I let him drive! At least this time we were driving through in the XTerra! Apparently all of Charlotte had the same idea as us … there was quite a line of cars trying to get into the ranch and the wagon rides were super busy. The boys had a blast climbing around the inside of the XTerra while we fed the animals along the way.

These guys were holding up the line at the entrance to the park.
They were watching the llamas who were standing in the middle of the road.
Tim feeding the giraffe.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Fun 2015

We had a busy week of Christmas fun! We drove all over South Carolina to see our families during the days before Christmas. Unfortunately, we didn’t get photos everywhere. Here are some highlights:

Christmas Eve morning fun in Spartanburg.
Making sugar cookies for Santa!
They had so much fun decorating cookies.
I know Tim was thankful to not have the flu this year!
Spencer loved rolling out the dough.
While the cookies baked, Alex and Spencer put out the reindeer food Alex made in school.
We left a path to the back door and carrots on the picnic table.
Each boy picked a favorite cookie to leave with their notes to Santa.
Spencer was amazed at all the presents.
Alex was so impressed by the game Santa brought.
Pancakes and eggs for breakfast …
…and Christmas tree pizzas for dinner!
A rare quiet moment with Papa Art and Spencer on the 26th.