Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spencer is Toddling!

I haven’t posted much about Spencer lately because I’ve been waiting to make the big “he’s walking” announcement. Man that boy is stubborn and only wants to do things on his own terms! We thought he’d be running around months ago! I guess having a big brother that likes to “help” you walk, which really involves crashing you at some point, probably helped Spencer decide crawling was safer. Well, he’s finally walking about 90% of the time, and that has only happened in the past week.

Spencer is also quite the talker. He loves to chat and be a part of the conversation. He sings along whenever there is music or if Alex and I are singing. He even starts singing and “asks” Tim to sing along at night when he’s putting Spencer to bed. He loves books and loves to read. I got lucky and got a video of him reading one of his truck books the other day.

We are having so much fun watching Spencer develop his own personality. He is definitely more mischievous than Alex was, but he’s so darn cute about it! He knows he’s not supposed to do something and will look at us to see if we’re watching … and do it anyway! He is in to everything and keeps me on my toes.. Thank goodness Alex helps me watch out for him. Alex loves that he and Spencer can really play together and even told Spencer the other day, “I love playing with you.” How lucky am I to see these moments first hand every day?

IMG_0688.JPG (2)
Resting in the shade on a park adventure.
Crazy boy watching Alex’s last gym class.
Using Kovu as a boost to get into Daddy’s stuff.
Spencer is such a Daddy’s boy! We finally got to the point where we could just lay him in the crib, so he starts cuddling up to Daddy and falling asleep on him. Daddy can’t say no to that!
IMG_0644.JPG (2)
Monkey see, monkey do … Spencer thinks all of Alex’s ideas are the best ideas.

A quick video of Spencer reading, bouncing, and walking!

Preschool Orientation 2014

Preschool Orientation was Tuesday and Alex’s first day of preschool is September 2nd! Tim and I really enjoyed the orientation. The kids played outside with one teacher (Miss Sharon), while the director/Alex’s teacher (Miss Barrie) walked us through some information for the school year. She also explained the kids’ first homework assignment! They have to decorate a cut-out of a kid and will talk about it during the first few weeks of school. Alex was so excited to buy some supplies that he asked to decorate his “guy” while Spencer was napping and even spent over an hour on it! That is unheard of!

IMG_0693.JPG (2)
Such a serious face! He’s just getting started with his stickers and new markers.
IMG_0694.JPG (2)
Alex decided to create a construction site. The dump truck, diggers, grabber, driller, and rollers are all working to put a pipe underground. The only influence I had on this side was convincing him to include his name.
IMG_0695.JPG (2)
He still had more stickers, so he decided to turn the guy over and make some roads. Then his dump truck got stuck in the mud and needed the tow truck to pull it out. Then the tow truck got stuck and they needed the fork lift, bulldozer, and digger to help them get out. It was so much fun watching this little mind work.
IMG_0696.JPG (2)
It cracks Tim and me up that Alex picked this folder. He knows this is Spiderman, but doesn’t know the first thing about him. He’s just been obsessed since he was given a Spiderman sticker at the doctor’s office!

Cerys’ Birthday Party

Alex and I went on a road trip Sunday for Cerys’ 4th birthday party. It’s so crazy to think Amanda and I have 4 year olds now (well, I almost do)! We’ve never been to Pump It Up before, but Alex was super excited after looking at some pictures. He had a blast and told me on the way home that we have to bring Spencer next time. Happy Birthday, Cerys, and thanks for inviting us!

Alex got stuck the first time, but once staff showed him how to climb up, he was a pro!
I had a bunch of fun, too!
Alex and Cerys being silly on the slide.
IMG_0673.JPG (2)
All the kids making silly faces.
Alex and Ace (Cerys’ baby brother) having a conversation. Alex thought Ace was so funny.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Alex’s 1st Dentist Appt

I took Alex to his first dentist appointment on Thursday. First, just let me say, Alex is such an awesome big boy! We decided to have Alex go to the same practice Tim and I go to, rather than a pediatric dentist, and I’m really glad we made that decision! They treated him like a little man, giving him the confidence he needed to have his teeth cleaned. Our hygenist was amazing. She moved slowly, explained everything before she did it, and spoke with a really calming voice. The goal was to do as much cleaning as she could, before he got too wiggly or tired of it. He was perfect! Then the dentist came in and asked if he could check his teeth … and promised him 2 prizes from their treasure chest if he did a good job. Man, Alex was so excited! When we were leaving with his prizes, he told me he didn’t like, but I think he was happy to have his prizes.

dentist (2)
dentist (3)
dentist (1)


We went bowling with friends last week (Alex’s first time) and had so much fun, we just might go back again on Monday! Some of my mama friends just found out the bowling alley near us offers two free games of bowling for kids during the summer. Unfortunately, that promotion ends next week, but at least we can take advantage of it one more time! Alex really enjoyed the first game and a half, but then started getting pretty restless after that. Spencer loved pushing the balls around on the rack and was thrilled when Alex let him roll a ball down the dragon ramp.

IMG_0613.JPG (2)
The dragon ramp was so cool!
IMG_0627.JPG (2)
Ooohhh … holes to poke fingers into!
IMG_0628.JPG (2)
Alex helping Spencer take a turn pushing the ball.
Mommy & Alex

Monday, August 18, 2014

Crazy Sleepers

I just love having cameras in the boys’ rooms. I don’t know what I’d do without them! I know at some point I should stop watching my children sleep … but not yet! Here are Alex and Spencer tonight:

IMG_0609.JPG (2)
This silly boy kept scooting around until his legs were hanging between the crib slats! (Don’t worry, he pulled them back in and had rearranged by the next time I checked on him.)
IMG_0637.JPG (2)
My big boy insisted on taking Charlie (Tim’s favorite stuffed animal who is almost as big as Alex) to bed with him. We tucked him in, gave him kisses, and told him goodnight.

Baking Cookies

Last week, the boys and I went to a friend’s house to read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and bake cookies. We had so much fun! Miss Susan took the boys step-by-step through the recipe and we put the boys to work. We didn’t even need a mixer!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

North Meck Park

Since the days have been cooler, we’ve been stopping by North Mecklenburg Park quite often. I love it because it is easy to see Alex run around and keep him in sight. Alex loves it because of the sandbox, tunnel, and slides. And now, Spencer loves the sandbox (of course) and tunnel. It also has a nice bathroom, which is a huge plus! Here are pictures from our last 2 visits: once after running errands, and once after gym class and lunch with Grandma and Papa.

IMG_0362.JPG (2)
IMG_0371.JPG (2)
photo 1
photo 2
IMG_0525.JPG (2)
IMG_0554.JPG (2)

Spencer’s First Art

Spencer woke up while Alex and I were in the middle of Play-Doh fun, so we decided to let Spencer join us. He loves sitting in his high chair and watching us, but last week, he seemed very interested in participating. I loved watching Spencer with the Play-Doh – he just kept poking it until he decided he might want to eat it. Then, slowly, he’d raise a piece to his mouth, I’d say, “No,” and he’d lower it back down …. over and over again! Spencer also tried out the Color Wonder markers. Once again, he was having fun until he decided they might be tasty!

IMG_0481.JPG (2)
Looking very serious here.
IMG_0484.JPG (2)
Do you see that he BIT the marker tip?
IMG_0486.JPG (2)
I wonder if this will taste yummy?

Just Like Daddy

Lately, Alex wants to be just like Daddy. He also misses Daddy like crazy while he’s at work. Hmm, now that I think about it, Spencer is going through a Daddy phase as well. Daddy, are you giving them cookies behind my back?

IMG_0314.JPG (2)
Getting ready to head to Lowes.
IMG_0316.JPG (2)
Alex learned how to clean out the lawn mower.
IMG_0468.JPG (2)
The next weekend, both boys learned how to change the oil in our cars.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Build Your Own Boat Festival

On Saturday, we took the boys to the Build Your Own Boat Festival at the National White Water Center. It was a cooler, cloudy day – definitely not your typical Saturday in August – but it was perfect for playing outside for hours! We found a perfect place to watch the fun, just past the first rapids. Basically, groups of 1-4 people had to make their own boats out of materials that float, but aren’t sharp. Then they were judged on the boat staying in one piece and the riders staying in the boat through all the rapids. The very first boat flipped and flew apart on the first rapids, and sweet Alex was so concerned and asked to go home. It took a lot of convincing and proving that everyone was ok and were just playing a game! Here are some pictures of my favorite boats and the boys climbing in the kids’ climbing area.

IMG_0410.JPG (2)
The first boat capsized at the first rapids.
IMG_0419.JPG (2)
Alex was impressed by the truck boat.
IMG_0428.JPG (2)
Yes, that is OJ Simpson and his infamous white bronco …. right before the whole boat fell apart.
IMG_0433.JPG (2)
My favorite boat and the eventual winner.
IMG_0415.JPG (2)
Worried Alex and mesmerized Spencer.
IMG_0437.JPG (2)
Alex cheesing it up by the duck boat.
IMG_0447.JPG (2)
We went back to these climbing rocks 3 times!
IMG_0441.JPG (2)
Spencer had fun, too!
IMG_0455.JPG (2)
Come on, Spencer!
IMG_0465.JPG (2)
Another drool monster loving Daddy’s shoulders.

My Little Sharks

My cuties were playing outside when I realized they were both wearing their shark shirts!

IMG_0333.JPG (2)
I love their shark shirts!
IMG_0336.JPG (2)
I hope these two always love being brothers.
IMG_0341.JPG (2)
This was not the first time Spencer had seen bubbles, but it was the first time he tried to catch them.
IMG_0347.JPG (2)
Silly Alex was trying to eat the bubbles.
IMG_0348.JPG (2)
There are bubbles everywhere!
IMG_0353.JPG (2)
I can NOT keep that boy off the table!