Monday, March 9, 2015

Ready for Spring!

We’ve been taking advantage of the sunshine and warmer weather by playing in the yard and visiting our favorite playgrounds. Alex is so excited that Spencer can run around the parks and go down the slides with him and Spencer is thrilled to not be stuck in a carrier or the stroller. Mommy has to work very hard now! I’ve set the bar high – two playgrounds in 3 days!

Just hanging out
Feeding the ducks
Having so much fun on the slide!
I experimented with the slow motion feature on my phone. Here’s a fun mash-up of the videos. I muted the videos since they sound very devilish in slow-mo!

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These two disasters made such a mess of their cheese and salsa at lunch that I stripped them down before buckling them in their seats. They found it hysterical!

Imaginon Children’s Library

A few weeks ago, I took the boys into Charlotte to Imaginon, which is a children’s library, children’s theater, and a whole lot more. It’s been on my list forever, but since it’s right in the middle of Charlotte, we just hadn’t made it yet. I am so glad we finally went! We had a blast and definitely plan to go back for story time and puppet shows!

This life-sized trolley was Spencer’s favorite part.
Alex enjoyed a few new iPad games
This entire wall was magnetic so you could create your own pvc course for a ball.
So many fun things mixed in with all the books.
Spencer just threw all the puppets he could find.

Blizzard of 2015

Our snow storm was (thankfully!) no where near a blizzard, but it was enough snow for us to play in. I think the boys had the most fun the night it started. We took them outside to catch the huge flakes in the dark. They were mesmerized! Alex wanted to eat the snow, so we put some on a plate on the kitchen table – you’d have thought I’d just served them an ice cream cake. They went nuts and even ended up making snowballs and throwing them to Kovu (who likes snow way too much for an African dog)!

Spencer’s bite
Alex’s bite
Cleaning up the aftermath of the indoor snowball fight with Kovu.

By the time we’d eaten breakfast and gotten dressed, the snow was already starting to melt. This was great for the roads, but a problem with our snow adventures! Our snowman was covered in mud and sledding was a bust. Oh well! At least we had another snow ball fight!

Alex eating more snow
Throwing snowballs at Kovu and starting the snowman.
They enjoyed the ride up the hill much better than the ride back down.
Our very muddy fire-fighter snowman
Spencer thinking about stealing Alex’s snow cream
My boys – warming up by the fire and watching a movie.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Road Trip!

I took the boys for a quick over night at my parents’ house for Mom’s birthday while Tim was working a few weekends ago. It was too cold to wander around the woods for long, but we did get to swing, visit Papa’s tractor, and play with some leftover ice. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner and a very yummy cake! Alex helped me back the cake and did all the decorating himself. He was very proud of himself!


A Preschool Valentine

Since Alex missed the Valentine’s party at school, he had to wait until the next Tuesday to check out his loot. He was so excited when he finally got to empty his bag!


Monkey Hat

The monkey hat first appeared in 2011 when my parents gave it to Alex for Christmas. This winter, we’ve passed it down to Spencer! I knew when I took this picture of Spencer last week after gym class that I had a similar picture of Alex. I’m so glad I was able to find it (and that I keep my photos so organized)!

monkey hat alex
Alex, 12 months old
Spencer, 19 months old

Crazy Spencer

Every now and then, it’s easier to combine a couple of photos and videos into one post. Tonight is one of those nights, and Spencer is the lucky star. Who wouldn’t want to see a blog post of just crazy Spencer?

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Spencer LOVES dipping! In this video, he’s licking the remaining blue cheese dressing from pizza night.

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Spencer’s favorite part of gym class – swinging on the bars. He especially loves the short bar …
Spencer loves to help clean-up. Today, he’s shoving Daddy’s undershirts and boxers into his dresser.