Thursday, March 31, 2016

Last Spring Shenanigans in the Old House

In between the packing and cleaning and wall repair from 2 dirty boys and a dirty dog, we still managed to have a lot of fun!!

IMG_5248The Easter Bunny brought garden tools, water bottles, and a few treats!
The Easter Bunny even filled eggs with a Lego set! What a surprise!
IMG_5254Spencer found the jelly beans while Daddy worked on his Legos.
IMG_5264Sidewalk chalk craziness …
Alex, you know we are trying to clean this house, right?
Oh, just pizza and balloon popping with the power wheels.
Alex was feeling very victorious after popping almost all of Spencer’s balloons.

Monday, March 28, 2016

St. Patty’s Party

We went over to a friend’s house for a St. Patty’s Day treasure hunt and party. The kids followed clues that were written on shamrocks and discovered a pot of gold filled with candy and trinkets. What fun!


Who Are These Big Boys?

Seriously … how did they get so big?

This big boy loves helping me in the kitchen. He’s currently waiting for his bagel
to toast so he can spread it with cream cheese. Yummy!
This big boy helped Daddy carry several moving boxes into the house. I about fell over
when I opened the door – he looked 2 years older than when he left for Lowes!

Pre-Easter Festivities

We visited my mom and dad for a night before Easter weekend. We celebrated several birthdays (Grandma’s, Unk’s, and mine), checked on the tree house, hunted Easter eggs, drove the tractor, and explored the creek. It was a busy 24 hours! Both boys were fast asleep before we even hit the interstate to come home.


Nerf Gun Party

About two weeks ago, Alex attended his first Nerf Gun party for a school friend. Each guest was given a bullet pouch (made out of an old make-up bag and a ribbon … genius!) and sunglasses (for eye protection). Then they went across the street to the neighborhood park for a big “war”. They had so much fun hiding under the playground equipment and trying to shoot each other. After a while, the kids all turned on the 3 dads in attendance (Spencer wasn’t invited, so our Daddy was at home). Alex had a blast!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TVs on the Ceiling!

The boys went to the dentist earlier this month and were surprised to find a new pediatric wing at the office. The pediatric wing has an open bay concept, similar to the orthodontist, and tvs on the ceiling! Spencer and Alex were so impressed! Over all the visit went well – Alex squirmed and was practically falling off the chair and Spencer was still as a statue and wondering what in the world was going on. Alex and I have to go back later this month to get a small cavity filled. I’m not looking foward to that!

Alex watched Wreck-It Ralph and Spencer watched Shrek.
Spencer did much better than his first visit! They actually were able to do some brushing.

Reedy Creek Park

We took advantage of the recent warm weather to visit Reedy Creek Park. It’s a fun park and nature preserve with walking paths we’ll have to return to once the leaves are on the trees. For now, the small nature center and tree house inspired playground was a blast!

I want a tree painted like this in our house! And I want the rock pillows.

Baby Squirrels

When Grandma Lisa and Papa Bob came to baby-sit a few weekends ago, they brought along the baby squirrels they are fostering. They were actually much cuter than I would have imagined! Spencer thought it was the best thing ever to hold them, while Alex was more reserved and preferred to watch. Luckily, the babies only had an accident on Papa Bob!

This about sums it up – Alex (are you sure about this) and Spencer (wow)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Alex’s preschool had a Wacky Wednesday! Alex loved putting on crazy clothes and wearing my mom’s Dr. Seuss hat!

I think Alex’s favorite part was wearing two different shoes!
Spencer was sick, which explains the pile of tissues in his hand!

Meet Percy

About a month ago, a beautiful and hungry cat wandered into our backyard. She still hasn’t left! I really wasn’t looking to add to our pet family, so I avoided her for two nights. She went from door to window to another window and meowed so loudly, Tim and I could hear her over the James Bond movie we were watching! So, she shared some dog food. The next day, she had a crate to sleep in on the patio, cat food, and a dish. Three weeks later, she’s living in our garage. After a trip to the vet, we’ll be moving her inside. Funny how these things happen! She is just so sweet to the boys, tolerates Kovu, and loves to cuddle. Except for the long hair, she seems to be a perfect cat!


Spencer’s Bigger Boy Bed

For about a month now, Spencer has been sleeping in a twin bed. He’s been so good about it! We bought him the same convertible bed that Alex has now. We love that we can start with the mattress on the floor, then on the platform, then loft it. Spencer loves it too. He was so proud on the day we went to IKEA and built his bed.

Making sure his bed doesn’t fall out in the parking lot.
He was so excited!
Swinging like a monkey.
Cuddling with Daddy after all the hard work.

Don’t worry, we have Paw Patrol sheets on his bed now!