Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tired of Being Sick!

Two of my last seven posts have been about us being sick! Well, now it’s three out of the last eight. This has been a miserable month! Poor Alex has gone through 2 different bugs in the past week! As it turns out, Spencer’s fever on Tuesday was a respiratory infection. He was just throwing up from the high temperature (he tends to do that … how fun). Wednesday night, Alex was crying with severe stomach pains and a headache, so we went to the doctor on Thursday. He was just having a hard time getting over his tummy bug. They both tested negative for flu and they don’t have ear infections, so that was good news. But … no medicine since they have viruses. Friday morning, we wake up and Alex now has Spencer’s respiratory infection. AHHHH!! Poor thing told me, “Mommy, it’s starting all over again. I sick again!” This second virus is vicious! 103.9 fevers and just feeling miserable. Here’s how the boys spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday:


Spencer walks around and plays off and on, but has been super clingy and crying a bunch. So, he’s definitely not back 100%. Alex has mostly watched Curious George and Bob the Builder and asked for drinks … he’s had very little appetite (which is why he’s having headaches). We are soo ready to be healthy again!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter Creativity

We had to get creative with all the cold rainy days we had earlier in January…

Alex and Daddy playing games on the tablet in the massive tent.
Thanks, Great-Aunt Cyndi, for the pool last summer! It became a great ball pit last week!
Alex quickly decided to take creative liberties with the ball pit (hint, they are under it!)
I had to stop Alex before he tried to make it into a slide.
It stayed this way most of the week. I actually just gave up and picked up the balls the next morning.

This video won’t show in the email … click here instead.

Spencer’s 1st Gym Class

We’ve signed Spencer up for his first gym class! Well, we’ve actually been 3 times already, I just haven’t had the chance to post any pictures. He’s going to The Little Gym, the same place Alex took his gym class over the summer. This class is “Mommy and Me” style, so I get to participate too. Spencer has a lot of fun tumbling and swinging from the high bars (his favorite). It’s nice to spend some one-on-one time in a class with Spencer. Alex’s first class was about this age … we did Kindermusik when he was 19 months … so I knew after Christmas that it was time to get Spencer started with a class.

Week 1 – we are in a very small class and Spencer enjoys being the star!
Week 2 – We try out a much larger (and older) class. Spencer is more intimidated, but didn’t hesitate to be the 1st person on the high bar!
Bubbles are always a highlight!
Week 3 – We’re in the larger class again, but are moving back to the small class next week. Spencer seemed much more comfortable in the smaller group (of course, you can’t tell from this picture).

The video won’t show in the email … you’ll need to click here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dinosaurs in Motion

Back when we were in between illnesses, we took the boys to Discovery Place so we could see the Dinosaurs in Motion exhibit before it left town. It was pretty neat to be able to manipulate all the large dinosaur statues. You should definitely check out the exhibit if it comes your way.

Alex was a little nervous when we first entered the exhibit.
Is anyone surprised that Alex’s favorite exhibit had a gaming controller that allowed him to move the dinosaur, make him roar, and make thunder and lightning?
Spencer and Alex
We also were able to take in a 3D film about Apollo 11. Both boys seemed to enjoy their first movie theater experience!
Spencer LOVED the water table.

Sick Again?!?!

So, of course we had plans last Saturday, and of course I noticed Alex felt warm before he went to bed Friday night. It was 100 … then 102 when he woke up Saturday morning. Then … well, I’ll spare you all the details, but a stomach bug has invaded our house. ARGH! Sunday morning, I woke up sick. I don’t know how Alex managed to play as much as he did Saturday and Sunday, because I was stuck in bed all day Sunday. Thank goodness it was a weekend and Tim was home to take care of the boys! I thought we were mostly better (no more fevers and Alex seemed on the mend), so he went to school today. We came home and played outside in the beautiful weather … then I noticed Spencer felt warm while I was getting him ready for his nap. 102! ARGH! It was 103 before Tim was home with some medicine … then, more stomach bug. I hate seeing my babies sick! Cross your fingers Tim doesn’t get it (though I have no idea how he’ll escape it).

This stomach bug is especially vicious! Spencer went from this


to this in a matter of hours!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas Morning 2014

Alex slept past 8:00! I imagine this will be my last Christmas of sleeping that late for a long time! This year was the first he remembered to ask about Santa. He came right in to our room and asked if Santa had brought his presents yet. So, we woke up Spencer, made sure Aunt Beth and Uncle Eric had their cameras ready, and ventured downstairs. Santa’s big presents were a balance bike for Alex and a kid-sized recliner for Spencer. They were both so excited!

Alex’s new balance bike
Spencer knew right away this chair was for him.
Alex went for the big presents first!
Sweet boys taking a play break in between presents.
Spencer is steering the bus (his present from Alex) and Alex is playing with his tow truck (his present from Spencer).
The boys got a bunch of fun dress up hats and shirts.
This pictures cracks me up. Spencer LOVES vacuuming and was so excited to have one of his own!
Spencer in his new chair watching Alex play his new games.
My parents made the boys a seesaw!

Aunt Beth and Uncle Eric were around to see the present craziness. My Mom and Dad came in later in the afternoon. We all had lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and lots of yummy cookies! Thanks, guys, for coming even though we were sick!

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Prepping for Santa

A couple of days before Christmas, Alex was drawing on a piece of paper and decided to draw pictures of things he wanted for Christmas for Santa. I told him we could mail his pictures so Santa would know what he wanted. This was perfect, since we didn’t get to talk to Santa and take pictures with him this year. Here is his envelope, all ready for the mailbox.


Alex wrote his name in the top corner and the “a”s in Santa’s name.

On Christmas Eve, we baked oatmeal cookies and Alex had a blast decorating them. We did this while Spencer was napping. Next year, I know Spencer will love decorating the cookies with big brother!


Before bed, Alex carefully chose two cookies for Santa, filled a cup of water for him to drink, and counted 9 carrots for the reindeer. He also wrote his name for Santa.


Alex was so excited for Santa to come this year!!

A Sick Christmas and a Quiet Blog

We had a rough Christmas! Tim came down with the flu on the 21st and was absolutely miserable the next few days, especially Christmas Eve. Spencer came down with a much milder version on Christmas Day. I started feeling bad soon after that, and Alex was sick on New Years Eve. Ugh! Thankfully, the boys and I weren’t near as sick as Tim. Everyone is better but me … I finally got meds (zpack and an inhaler) last week for a cough that wouldn’t go away, no matter what I tried. I didn’t have many problems with the flu, but I was apparently left with a respiratory infection. I feel much better and am finally sleeping, but my cough isn’t 100% gone. Hopefully I will continue feeling better … and hopefully we are finished with being sick!

So, if you’ve been wondering what is going on with my blog, now you know! Between the flu, taking care of everyone, and just relaxing with Tim home over the holiday break, I just didn’t get around to working on my computer. Now that Tim’s back to work and Alex is back in school, I’m trying to get the house back in order and my blog back in shape. Be patient … I have lots to post!