Friday, June 27, 2014

Another Trip to Tree Park

Wednesday, we took another trip to Tree Park. I think the boys could both play there for hours!

Alex was so excited to climb the rocks by himself!
Spencer was obsessed with trying to eat the fake rubber mulch
This boy has no fear! As soon as I lifted him down, he’d speed crawl right back and start again.
The summer crew!

Ghost Alex

Hey, Mommy – take a picture!


Thursday, June 26, 2014


Look, Mom! I can open the Puffs!


Alex’s 1st Gym Class

We enrolled Alex in a summer gymnastics class to help him get used to the idea of a class without me at his side. I don’t leave The Little Gym, but I stay outside the glassed-in gym and watch. Alex was a little teary-eyed when I told him I couldn’t go in, but he warmed up to the teachers and had a lot of fun! I think he’s nervous about going back in tomorrow, but the teachers are genius and have a fun transportation themed class planned. I’m so proud of my big boy!

Warming up during the welcome song
Riding the jumper as it inflates
Walking the balance beam and “scooping ice cream” with his feet. (Class was carnival themed)
Jumping down
It’s hard to see through the reflection, but he is hanging from the low bar. He was very proud of this!
Singing good-bye
Spencer snacking and watching the show.

He Can Steer!

It’s been almost 2 years since we got Alex’s power wheel and he’s finally figured out how to steer! I guess a regular battery wasn’t good enough for him – it took Tim souping up his “engine” with a lithium battery from work to really get Alex excited enough to steer. Oh my cautious boy!

Now he drives all over the yard and loves having people riding along with him. His first guest was Lydia, my friend Amy’s not-so-little-anymore-girl, when they visited last week. They were so cute! One would drive around the yard, then they would scurry to switch places and the other would drive. I guess having a friend was more fun than driving along, because Alex asked Spencer to ride along the next day!

Lydia and Alex having a blast in the jeep!
photo 1
Don’t worry – Spencer has a rope across his lap as a seat belt, and he was actually really good at holding on!
photo 2 (1)
Poor Spencer was so tired, so no big smiles this time.

If you want to read more about Amy’s visit (our friend from Wilmington), check out this post from her blog. She took more pictures than me and has been a bit more up-to-date than me on her blog: Water Fun with the Harleysyou’ll want to scroll about half way down the post to find the pictures of the boys. And here is a pic of all 4 after a fun morning at Discovery Place Kids.

Discovery Place with Harleys

Monday, June 23, 2014

Bird Houses & Father’s Day

Alex loves watching the birds in our backyard … and the birds love our bird feeders. Here is a conversation with Alex at dinner the Friday before Father’s Day:

Alex: “Where the birds go when it rains?”

Me: “They sit in the bushes or trees so they don’t get as wet.”

Alex (with a frown): “The birds are sad when it rains. The water bothers their heads. Birds need a house for birds.”

Tim: “This weekend, we’ll make some houses for the birds.”

Alex: “Yay! I so excited for the birds to have houses.” 

Tim seemed very happy to spend his Father’s Day weekend building bird houses and a new roof for the sandbox. My gift to him? I cut that massive yard of ours!

Tim spent Father’s Day building bird houses. Alex loved them and was excited to paint them.
Alex hogging all the guacamole.
Spencer took a long nap, then happily played in the water while the rest of us were at work.
Afterwards, the boys had fun with the swing. I love that Alex can push Spencer!

Riding Kovu

I can just hear the chorus of “Poor Kovu”!


Can you believe he let Alex sit on him for 2-3 minutes? Alex was so happy!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spencer is 11 Months!

Spencer, slow down! It’s already time to plan your 1st birthday party!

Spencer’s personality is really starting to shine through. He is still such a happy baby, especially when he is playing with Alex, throwing a ball, and eating. He can stand in the middle of the room and balance for several seconds before falling down. His side-to-side walk when holding on to the couch or table is extremely fast. He seems very interested in trying to walk, but is still hesitant to actually take his first step. Spencer loves music and will “sing” and bob his head to let me know he’d like me to play a song. His current favorite is, “Happy”. He also loves pushing trucks and cars around the room. He pushes with one hand and crawls (amazingly fast) with the other hand and knees.

11 month couch picture
Spencer insisted HE hold the bribery Cheerios.
So proud after climbing up into Alex’s chair.
I have another truck fan on my hands!
What a silly baby! He borrowed the Rubbermaid from the dishwasher and started crawling around with it in his mouth. We were all cracking up!
Alex, 11 months
Spencer, 11 months

Garden, Part 2

Garden, Part 1

We were able to do more work on the garden a few weekends ago. It was nice to spend so much time in the yard and get so much work done! Thank you, Spencer, for taking a long nap!

Tomatoes and Okra with new cedar mulch
strawberries, cantaloupe, squash, zucchini, eggplant, and peppers galore. We need to finish weed wacking and mulching on this side, and we’ll be done with yard improvements.
My how these tomatoes have grown! Alex picking the first cherry tomato just a few days ago.
Alex was so excited to pick and eat our first tomato!

The Gang at the Pool

We went swimming in a friend’s neighborhood pool the other day. Both boys had a blast. I wish we had gotten Spencer in this picture!


Thursday, June 19, 2014


Just a day at the park! We spent time with friends at a fun neighborhood park the other week when the weather was more tolerable. After watching Spencer having a blast on the baby swing, Alex decided to try out the big swing!


Hollywild Zoo

A few weeks ago, I took the boys to Hollywild Zoo in SC. We met my friend Amanda and her two kids. It was hot, but we had a blast! At least every other day, Alex says, “Tomorrow, we go to the zoo and see the bears. And we ride the school bus and feed the animals.” He had so much fun! We’ll definitely have to go back when it cools back off and the crazy Canadian Geese have moved on.

Spencer didn’t even see the peacock, but Alex was a little worried. He tiptoed over and pushed the stroller out of the way so the peacock could get by.
I got such a kick out of this guy! He was sticking out his tongue and blowing raspberries at me.
Hot boy loving the safari bus ride!
Hot baby boy had a blast, too!
Throwing food to the goats and bison.
I love this casual pose!
Besties and babies!
Another successful outing with the Ewings!